Miles Moore Madness

Talking Four Factors, Analytics and More with KenPom

Episode Summary

On this episode of Miles Moore Madness, Ken Pomeroy of joins the show to discuss the impact his analytics-driven website has made on college hoops, and how to best translate his metrics into real-world analysis. Plus, C.J. and Coach Miles make their picks for six of this weekend's biggest games.

Episode Notes

3:04 Breaking Down KenPom's Four Factors
8:01 The Importance of Limiting Threes
11:32 Are Any of the Four Factors More Important Than the Others?
14:47 What Do Coaches Ask KenPom Most Frequently?
17:48 Performance-Based vs. Results-Based Metrics
29:39 Why is Adjusted Offensive Efficiency Down This Season?
33:42 The KenPom Effect on Vegas Spreads
36:37 C.J. and Tim Preview the Weekend Slate

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