Miles Moore Madness

Picking Championship Contenders and Sleeper Teams on the Debut of Miles Moore Madness

Episode Summary

On the debut episode of Miles Moore Madness, former Nebraska coach Tim MIles and C.J. Moore conduct a five-round draft of their favorite championship contenders. They also highlight a number of sleeper teams they believe will make some noise all season—especially in March.

Episode Notes

1:35 Introducing the Show and What It's About
3:54 Is Tim Watching More Basketball?
5:48 Championship Contender Draft
6:42 With the First Pick, C.J. Selects...
8:41 Tim Makes His First Pick
9:26 C.J. Backs the Buckeyes
10:58 Forget About the SFA Upset, Tim Still Likes Duke
13:31 C.J. Keeps Things in the ACC
14:21 Tim Takes the Draft Back to the Big Ten
17:18 Talking Michigan and Michigan State
25:04 C.J. Wraps up His Draft with Seton Hall
27:56 Tim Closes it Out with Oregon
29:45 Top Teams Left Out
35:14 Sleeper Teams to Watch, Led By C.J.'s Dayton Call
36:26 Tim Throws Some Love at DePaul
39:00 C.J. Impressed with Butler
40:30 Keep on Eye on Bob Huggins and West Virginia
43:31 One More Big 12 Sleeper
44:59 Tim Gives Us a Sleeper in the Mountain West
47:40 How Do Holiday Tournaments Influence the Rest of a Team's Season?

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